Zucchini Apple Bread

Zucchini Apple Bread:

Apples, we all love apples don't we. It tastes good (duh!), has a lot of health benefits (double duh!) and it is relatively cheap (oh really?). Almost everyone can afford it and everyone loves it (agreed).

Now how about we make something out of them? I don't know, say like a Zucchini apple bread? Sounds yummy (cliche) doesn't it. It sure is a treat for the tongue and kids simply love it.

It requires just a few things and it is easy and quick to make. The taste of it is just too good that you would want to keep eating it, till ur stomach explodes (lame, why would anyone want to make something that will make their stomach explode, geez). 

Ok enough of unwanted talks, let's get to the ingredients already...

Things you'll need:

1. 200 grams of brown sugar (you know what I mean)

2. 200 grams of white sugar

3. Half a teaspoon salt

4. A tea spoon of Mccormick's pure vanilla extract

5. Two full cups of Zucchini, chopped well

6. Four eggs

7. 450 gms of King Arthur all purpose flour

8. Eight table spoons of chopped walnuts

9. Eight table spoons of Pure Wesson vegetable oil.

10. Half a tablespoon of Deerfield baking soda.

11. Half a teaspoon of Tone's ground cinnamon.

 Oh yeah, how silly of me to not have mention this,

12. Five ounces (or) 1 cup of apples, peeled and diced. 

(Remember people, I might've mentioned certain brand names, I did so, just to let people know what I used. It does not mean you have to use the products from the same companies. Just use whichever suits you and whichever you are able to get your hands on)

How to do:

1. Turn on the oven and preheat it to 375 degrees fahrenheit (hotty hot!)

2. You'll next need two bread pans. Smear the sides and bottom of the pans with some butter.

3. Take a large vessel. Add in the eggs, pure wesson vegetable oil, white sugar, Mccormick's vanilla extract and brown sugar.

4. Mix these ingredients well and leave the mixture aside. (don't worry we'll use them eventually)

5. Now take another vessel and add into it the all purpose flour, ground cinnamon and deerfield baking soda.

6.Mix the ingredients well and transfer the mixture into the egg mixture.

7.Mix the entire mixture well and then fold in the chopped zucchini, diced apple and the walnuts. Your zucchini bread mixture is now ready and you can place it in the oven.

8. Place the bread pans in the oven and let it bake for about 60 minutes or till done.

9.Let the zucchini apple bread cool for about 15 minutes before transferring it onto a wire rack to complete cooling.

There it is done. Now enjoy it and let us know how it went by. Use the comments section to give your opinion on the result.